When a friend calls on a sunny, warm Sunday morning as they are floating by and asks if you want to go for a boat ride, is there really any other answer than, “Sure!”?  I mean really; what boat project is important enough that it can’t wait while you enjoy some nice weather on the water with good friends?  Unless my boat is taking on water, it’s difficult to come up with anything that would make me want to turn down an offer like that.

So we hurriedly put away our respective projects, grabbed our hats and some sunscreen and hopped aboard to help our friends Mary Kay, Tom and little Maddy take out their friend’s boat that was just pulled out of storage before the friend’s arrival next week.  Granted it’s a powerboat with two big engines that make a lot of noise and eat fuel, but when the owner is providing the boat and fuel, it’s tolerable.


After filling up and picking up some lunch we circumnavigated Estero Island (Fort Myers Beach) and watched the world enjoy another sunny Florida Sunday.  Being on a powerboat these things tend to take less time, so we were back to Firefly with plenty of afternoon left, and the projects were right there where we left them.  Imagine that.