One for the cardinal rules of cruising is “You have to be willing to wait for weather”.  With all of the money and equipment and energy we throw at forecasting the weather we can only tell for certain what it’s doing or what it’s done.  Our “experts” present forecasts for today, tomorrow, and even into the far reaches of the coming week with subtle qualifiers in the wording that keep them in business.  I have yet to hear a weather forecaster apologize for being wrong about their prediction, and if any of us were as wrong in our respective fields as often as they are we’d likely be looking for a different field of work.

We’ve just extended our stay on the mooring in Fort Myers Beach for another week since hearing from our chosen weather forecaster Chris Parker that the weather in the western Caribbean looks to be very unpleasant over the next week or so.  One of the models he consults even says that a tropical low could be forming with this cold front here in the final stages of the 2014 hurricane season.   Only time will tell.

There are still some loose ends to tie up that prevented us from sneaking out of here ahead of the impending weather, and plenty of projects to do and friends to see, but we’re anxious to move along over the horizon to the next phase of our cruising adventure.  As always, “weather happens”, or something like that, and we always like to play it safe when it comes to open ocean travel.