Our stay in Fort Myers Beach over the Veterans Day weekend has been busy with Carrie juggling the list of the many friends from this area that anxiously want to see her.  It’s been eight and a half years since we were married here and left for the Keys to start our cruising adventure and it’s very apparent she’s been missed.  There are several more friends on the list to see this upcoming week.

The weather has cooperated for the most part with sun and warm temperatures despite a drenching rain over the weekend; however the rain provided a welcomed rinse for Firefly’s deck and gear exposed to the salt water during our passage.


The length of our stay will, as always, be dictated by the weather conditions for our passage to Mexico but there are several things still to accomplish before heading to the western Caribbean.  Our engine oil cooler is due in this week, some mail at our mailing service needs to reach us here, there are forms to have ready for clearing in to Mexico, and Spike gets to make a visit to the Vet to update his vaccines and get a health certificate for our upcoming travels.

Spike’s really looking forward to that (NOT).