imageWe have been land-bound in Marathon Florida for over a year making upgrades to Firefly and planning our next adventure while working full-time (Carrie) or several  part-time (Carl) jobs to help pay for it all.  We now have a new Rocna anchor and chain that hangs off of a newly refurbished bow sprit, a new Single Sideband HF transceiver to keep in contact with our friends and weather routers, a completely rebuilt and rechromed anchor windlass so I don’t have to muscle the anchor and chain aboard, a new and larger battery bank with monitor, some much-deserved TLC to our trusty Perkins 4236 diesel engine, and various other smaller but equally gratifying projects to help make Firefly “cruise ready”.

We also passed a major milestone this summer when we celebrated Carl’s 60th birthday and began collecting retirement pay from the Navy.  All those days at sea and the endless midnight watches seem worth the pain when we see that deposit from Defense Finance Center magically appear at the end of each month.

We’ll start this phase of our adventure with a shakedown cruise up the Gulf coast of Florida to Fort Myers Beach to see some friends and family and pick up some ordered parts.  The future promises to provide material for some good stories so we’ll be blogging once again.  Look out.