imageIt is hard watching everyone in the harbor leave. Each cruiser has spent anywhere from a few days to several months in Boot Key in Marathon and now they are leaving by the droves. Sometimes I sit in the cockpit early in the morning and try to guess what their next destination is. Sometimes I already know because they have announced it on the cruisers net the morning before departure. Some are heading over to the Bahamas for a short period of time – actually time is running out for those going there due to the upcoming hurricane season. Some are heading back up north to spend the summer in the Chesapeake or perhaps they are going even further to NYC or Maine.
We also have a destination. Although we are constantly making preparations to leave, we are here for another six months. Our destination is always on our mind, our goal never far from thought. It still doesn’t make it any easier to watch as those who are already prepared – leave. Our day is coming and soon someone else will be sitting in their cockpit wondering what our destination is. We, too, will announce our departure on the cruiser’s net and perhaps we will even share where we are going.