Pictured, is the wood that I will epoxy together to make a four inch spacer for Carl’s windlass project.  He has been working hard re-coring the deck where the old windlass was mounted. If you remember, the old windlass was 36 years old so it was a matter of replacing it or re-building it, we chose to re-build it.  Our newly re-built Ideal windlass should arrive sometime next week and we will be ready to drop it in place.

As I begin to epoxy the wood together, I snapped this pictureimage of an early morning sunrise in Boot Key Harbor.  We just had a cold front pass through so there are quite a few clouds, but there is still beauty.  We have been in this mooring field for about seven months now with the exception of one month in Coco Plum.  Carl and I have both been working at jobs and trying to refit the boat at the same time.  It will all come together soon and we will be on our way.