We wanted certain things ready before we moved on board “La Creole” (current name). Of the many things we need to do, one biggie was testing the stove, an old shipmate, and making sure the propane lines had no leaks. Carl helped me pull the stove out of the hinges so that I could begin cleaning years of use off of it while he set about finding new LPG hose and connections. After about four days of searching the entire island for parts, some of which we were not able to find, we were at a lost as to how to put it all back together. One of the items we were not able to get was the control head. We decided to rebuild it. With that done, Carl announced that we might be able to move onto the boat sometime during my weekend (Friday Saturday). That’s all it took for me and off I went organizing the move. Well, that was three days ago and we still do not have a working stove. It seems that we will have to rewire the entire length from the solenoid to the head. Probably should have done that anyway. I do have a nice bed, a nice cold refrigerator a few leaking ports and Spike the cat has thoroughly investigated every nook and cranny on the boat.