The boat belongs to us now and the projects begin immediately.  First priority was getting her back into the water as she has been on the hard for about six months.  That entailed making sure all the thru-holes are working properly and if not, replacing them.  She actually looked pretty good.  We could see some past blister repair under two coats of hard bottom paint but felt good that once we got her sanded down, we could do a bottom job that would hold us until we leave the first of 2014.  We planned on going to the western Caribbean to have some work done that we either do not have the skills for or the proper tools for.  At that time we may get her bottom peeled and an epoxy barrier coat put on.
The engine has over 7000 hours on her but we were told that she ran good before she was placed on the hard.  While the survey was performed the seller provided a mechanic to start the engine on the hard to prove this.  Disaster!  He forced water into the cylinders.  Of course he didn’t admit that until we had taken the muffler off to have it tested to make sure water wasn’t entering through that path.  Once we got that all cleaned up and the muffler replaced we were able to crank the engine with no problem.
With a new bottom, it was time to launch so along with some friends, La Creole went into the water with no problems.  The engine ran quite well albeit with no instruments working (part of the re-fit) and she now sits on her mooring pretty as a picture.