The hunt for a catamaran became out of reach for us as they are just too expensive to purchase and keep up the dream of Circumnavigating.  Things calmed down for a few days, until once again I was on yachtworld (now called Yachtporn in our household) and found a 1978 Gulfstar ketch rig.

Now, I had a friend once who owned one of these and I remembered it being very nice but I had also heard some negative comments about the workmanship so, as I normally do, I began to search for information on the Gulfstar.  The information that impressed me the most was the report that John Kretschmer did on what he believed were the top ten bluewater boats.

John Said, and I quote, “The Gulfstar 50 is a sleeper on the market and worthy of serious consideration if you need or desire a large boat.”  He also said that when he was compiling his list that the 50 foot Gulfstar was one of the first boats to hit the list and while many more where penciled in and scratched off, the Gulfstar never left the list.  This report caused us to think about looking at a Gulfstar and so it was back to YachtWorld to search for nearby boats.

A 1978 – 50 foot Gulfstar came up right here in St. Thomas, imagine that.  Carl was keen on going to see her and so off we went.  Turns out, she has some history.  “La Creole” was owned and successfully operated by a St. Lucian as a Captained Charter Boat.  She won many awards for her “Brightwork” and the interior shows his handy work very well.  Unfortunately her two owners since then did not keep her in Bristol condition.  That job has now fallen to Carl and I because we made an offer and purchased her about a month ago.

The picture above is Carl and Keith of Kookaburra along with Keith’s Aunt and her husband who was visiting at the time.  A quick stop for fuel before taking her to the mooring where we will begin her re-fit.