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Some of you may remember we put Sanctuary on the market last year.  We were going to sell her and buy a catamaran to continue our cruising in a little more comfort.  She’s been on the market for about six months with a Broker in St. Thomas and then again with a Broker in Sint Maartin.  No offers to date.  This brought up the question of “Why?”  We are looking at it two different ways…

1.  She is a Soverel, not a well-known yacht unless you are a racer.  Built by Mark or Bill Soverel in 1981 and finished out in 1985.  She is only one of five larger yachts built by the Soverels’.  They are known for their award-winning 37 footers.


2. She is meant to take us around the world.

We are choosing to believe in option “2” because we already know she is a solid blue water cruiser. She was built with 2 inches of solid fiberglass back when they didn’t know they could go with less.  She already has Wind, Solar, and a Watermaker and only needs a few upgrades and some improvements in creature comforts to do an ocean passage.  Besides, every boatyard we’ve ever hauled her in has stated that she will take us anywhere we want to go so…Let’s GO!