Circumnavigation:  traveling around the world on our trusty 41 ft. cutter-rigged sailboat Sanctuary.

Carrie and I have caught the bug to accomplish this dream.  For me this has been one that I have read and dreamed about for many years, but only recently has my enthusiasm been re-kindled by talking about it with Carrie.

It is a monumental journey, covering thousands of miles, visiting dozens of countries and facing weather and maintenance challenges much farther from home than we have to date.

It is a trip that will take a great deal of planning, preparation, and considerable cost to achieve it safely and enjoyably.  We have decided that Sanctuary is the vessel to take us through this and have developed a list of refit items we plan to accomplish before we leave.

We hope with this blog, to share our experiences with our family, friends and anyone interested in following in our wake or vicariously.  Our target date is in the month of January, 2014, just 2 short years from now.  We look at taking as many as 3 years to cover the thousands of miles and various oceans, likely more if we want to linger in any particular spot or area of the world that strikes our fancy.

The first item on our list is to get Carrie home to visit her boys.  It’s been a few years since she has seen them, even though she stays in touch via facebook, phone or skype.