Carl and I are getting the boat ready for our passage to St. Thomas.  It’s about 400 nautical miles from Grenada where we are currently anchored and we will do the passage in one straight shot.  We don’t want anything unexpected to happen while we are out there so, we do a pretty thorough inspection of the boat’s standing rig prior to leaving.  That means going up the mast to inspect the terminals, sheaves and connections.  

Our OLD boat, a 37 ft center cockpit Irwin, had a mast height of 45 feet.  Going up it was no big deal.  But Sanctuary has a 60 foot mast and it’s a long way up there!  Scary!  Now between Carl and I, I’m the smallest which means I get to craw into holes, fold myself up into tight spots and stick my hands into tiny crevices.  It was my turn to go up the mast so I made a call to our next boat neighbor Happy Times, to ask Mikayla if she would come over to tail the winch.  I actually interrupted her “Sleep Over” so I tried to beg out but we ended up having her and her two Grenada friends come over together.  Mikayla’s mom thought it would be a good learning experience for them.  Ok, I hope it all goes well as I don’t want to traumatized two young ladies who have no idea what it’s like to live aboard. 

Procrastination time over!  It’s time to go up the Mast!  I step into the bosoms chair and wait patiently while Carl hooks me up with the lifting line and a safety line, listen intently as instructions are given to Ava and Mia on how to tail a line and we are ready to go.  Makala tails the lead line and Ava and Mia tail the safety line.  It was a good experience and all was well at the top so we are good to go!   

We’ve had a ball here in Grenada but it’s time to go back to work for the season to fatten up the cruising kitty again. Next year, who knows, maybe the Western Caribbean.