PA160005 In a previous blog, Carl talks about the Jam session that goes on every Sunday.  Cruisers with instruments on board come from all the different anchorages in Grenada to Jam together.  Carl and I attend these sessions because they are fun and friends of ours play in the group so we like to support them.  The “Jammers” come with different levels of skill and all kinds of instruments.  Now when we first started cruising, there was a guitar on board our old boat “Mochuisle” that always seemed to get in the way.  It got moved from the bed to the settee, from the settee to the cockpit and back to the bed and it rarely got played.  Well it soon left the boat via gift or donation, I don’t remember which but it was soon forgotten.

Music is something special to Carl and I.  We both have a love for Classic Rock and somehow it enriches our lives tremendously.  We found out how much when we lost our XM signal somewhere around Puerto Rico.  Sanctuary has been music-less until a visit from Carl’s brother Steve and his wife Linda, from the states, who brought us an MP3 Player filled with wonderful music.  You don’t want to be anchored next to us as we play it loud at times. 

One day we heard a call over the VHF of a guitar for sale.  “$100.00 and it’s yours” came from the boat “Dreams at Sea.”  Carl had been talking about getting another Guitar and because of the Jam sessions I thought he would enjoy participating in them.  I grabbed the mic but was not fast enough to get in.  It seems there was another cruiser looking for a guitar and so when their friends heard the call they jumped in first.  They bought it for him hoping he would like it and pay them the $100.00.  Turned out he didn’t like the guitar but another cruiser said he’d take it off their hands.  About a week later we were talking to this cruiser about the very same guitar and how we just weren’t fast enough on the radio.  It’s funny how things work out because Keith, on Kookabura, said he thought he’d like to learn but decided he didn’t want it either.  Voila! The very same guitar we tried to buy only two weeks prior was now available again.  Carl wasted no time, putting it into his hands and strumming a few cords he said “I’ll take it.”

That’s Carl in the picture at the Sunday Jam session at Whisper Cove Marina.  I’m proud of him and he’s happy as a lark.  When I asked him which picture he wanted me to put into the blog he said “How about Jimi Hendrix.”  So here it is.Jimi-Hendrix