Happy Times No Kneed Bread

This morning while walking down the dock, Mike from Happy Times stopped me and said “Hey wanna do something fun today?” “Sure” I said.  He told me to be at his boat at 11:00 with 3 1/2 cups of flour and a big bowl.  We were going to make his great round bread recipe and he had invited some others to join us.  When I arrived at 11:00 he asked me if I wanted “with or without.”  Not sure about what he was asking I was hesitant to answer.  “Come on, with or without” he asked again so I said “With.”  Next I knew I had a glass of orange juice in my hand with cold sparkling champagne otherwise known as Mimosa.  As each person arrived, they were asked the same thing.  I wondered what would happen if someone said “without.”  I didn’t have to wait long as Joanne from Ultra figured alcohol was involved and perhaps she had already had her fill from the night before.  Mike, funny guy that he is, gave her a glass of Champagne (without) the orange juice.  Ok, back to the bread.  Mike then handed us each a copy of his bread recipe and began to take us through the steps of his “No Kneed” bread.  When we came to the point where we were to cover the bread and let it sit overnight, we all wondered if Mike expected us to stay on his boat for the duration.  But instead Mike brought out a bowl of bread that had already sat overnight just to show us what it should look like.  Whew! I thought I was gonna have to spend the night.  He then took his bowl inside to place it in the oven.  When he came out he had a tray with honey, two types of jelly and Hot Fresh Baked bread right out of the oven.    Mmmmmm!