We did something unusual for Sanctuary and took a slip at the Port Louis Marina in downtown St. George’s for a front row seat to experience Grenada’s annual Carnival over the first weekend in August. There were musical competitions and parades that are each called a Mas, short for Masquerade, over the entire weekend with the island businesses shutting down to let the Carnival rule the streets. At some point over the years the music source has changed from live bands to electronic music played through very, VERY large (and LOUD) speakers on trucks, but the costumes were still very colorful and the people just as jubilant. Some friends joined in to J’ouvet, starting at 0530 where the participants cover themselves with oil and/or paint and dance to the music, but we opted to watch that one from the sidelines. Likewise we watched the Pagent Mas, also called “Pretty Mas” from the sidelines with its beautiful costumes and lots of vibrant colors and people.  We joined a parade group sponsored by the local Carib Beer distributor for Monday Night Mas. We wore Carnival T-shirts, Hats, and swung Light Sabers to the beat along with hundreds of other cruisers and islanders. We juked,  jived and chipped our way down the road for hours into the evening until we couldn’t keep up any more and finally diverted back to the marina and Sanctuary. We were very thankful that night for the proximity of our slip, not having to venture back to the anchorage at the extremely late hour. By the end of the weekend we were a little “paraded out” and listened to the final Mas from the dock. We thoroughly enjoyed staying at this wonderful marina and experiencing Carnival first hand but are ready to break away and move back to some peaceful island anchoring, swimming and snorkeling.  Oh yeah, and laying back in the hammock too.