Stirrin' the Pot!

For those of you who think that cruising is all kicking back and sipping Pina Coladas, think again.  Any boat owner will tell you that there are plenty of jobs to be done on a boat which rank right up there with say…repeatedly jabbing oneself in the eye.  One of those is cleaning and repainting the underhull, the part which is constantly under attack from little sea creatures trying to make it their own personal reef.

 Those with deep pockets might pay someone else to do it, but the rest of us get to enjoy(?) preparing the bottom surface covered with both quasi-toxic residual bottom paint and especially stubborn sea creatures in especially hard-to-get-to places.  Then we get to apply multiple coats of some of the nicest paint I have ever had the pleasure (?) of dealing with. 

Rollin' it On!

But it’s all part of the adventure.  We hauled out Monday and splashed the boat Friday as planned, and now hope to enjoy a long period of protection from undersea growth on the hull which helps keep Sanctuary sliding through the seas taking us on to our next destination.  Speaking of destinations we hope to enjoy the annual sailing regatta in Carriacou (an island part of Grenada the country) this coming week and then back to Grenada the island for Carnival in early August.  Getting that tough job out of the way will make the fun times seem more fun!